More than 21 billion XRP on exchanges prepare for the SPARK airdrop

Tens of billions of XRP on exchanges are eligible for a new airdrop.

The SPARK aidrop will be allocated proportionally to all XRP holders in the exchanges.

The Flare network, behind the SPARK token, wants to integrate Ripple’s smart contracts and DApps.

XRP, the native cryptocurrency of the Ripple network and the third largest crypto by market cap, is forcing its users to scramble to place all of their XRP on eligible exchange platforms in order to participate in SPARK’s next airdrop .

SPARK is the native cryptocurrency of the Flare Network. The new blockchain uses the Flare consensus mechanism to integrate “ Ethereum ” -type capacities on the Ripple network.

What are the objectives of the Flare network?

The Flare network has grown over the past two years. It was only recently, however, that he began to publicly promote his networking plans.

By integrating the Ethereum virtual machine into the Flare network, XRP users will now be able to create and use Ethereum-based smart contracts and applications .

The Flare Network is a Ripple -backed start-up that wants to fundamentally change the way XRP can be used. By creating features that enable decentralized applications, Ripple may be able to branch out beyond just payment settlements to attract a whole new base of developers and customers.

21 billion XRP are eligible for the SPARK airdrop

The Flare network leads the SPARK airdrop through a variety of small and large pre-selected exchanges. These include Binance, Coinbase , Bithumb, UpBit, and many more.

The Flare network has aggregated data related to XRP. And according to one Twitter user, almost 100,000 individual accounts are set up to receive the SPARK airdrop. These accounts have over 21 billion XRP in total.